Sunday, October 23


Amber Rose Gets A New TATTOO On Her STOMACH . . . And It's Shaped Like A UTERUS!!!

Sexy model Amber Rose is on the cover of Inked magazine. The 28-year old celebrity shares about her inks, buzz cut hairstyle and more.

Amber dated Kanye West but they split after two years of being together. She is currently dating Wiz Khalifa. She shares about her first tattoo which was paw print design. She got it when she was 15 years old. She says, “I was 15 and I got paw prints on my upper thigh. It was kind of a fad in Philly and all the girls had them.”

Amber also have rose tattoos on her right upper arm and lower stomach which was the most painful of all her tattoos. She might sport many tattoos but she mentions, “I want to get two full sleeves eventually, but I just don’t know what I want yet.”

Amber is a stunning model with her signature buzz cut hair. The inspiration behind her hair is Sinéad O’Connor. She reveals,“When I was a little girl I used to love Sinéad O’Connor’s video and song ‘Nothing Compares 2 U’. I knew I wanted to look as beautiful as she did one day, so when I was old enough to make my own decisions, at 19, I cut it off, and it’s been over eight years now.”

Some cancer patients are inspired to get her looks. She shares her little secret to them. She says, “Wow, sweetheart, I’m so sorry to hear that. But I’m happy that I can help inspire you. To get my style, you would have to go to a beauty supply store and get powder bleach and 40-volume developer; mix them up and apply! You’ll be a blond Rosebud in no time!”

Amber is definitely oozing with sex appeal. She shares her positive attitude towards people who says negative things about her. “It’s not easy—I won’t lie. But I choose to keep my life positive. I’m not perfect, so I ask God to forgive me all the time and thank him for helping me grow into a better woman. That gets me through everything.”